Gnana Saraswathi College, Banaganapalle, Kurnool

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Message From The Secretary.

Welcome, Gnana Saraswathi Educational and Charities Society is a non – profit voluntary social organisation registered under Socities Act of 2001. The society runs poly institutions in Banaganapalle. The society is reputed for its successful lineage in empowering youth and women through education and various social activities in enlightenment of the society.

A step into the future should also be a transformational move. One, which not only educates you, but also prepares you for life, for social responsibility and all the noble ideals the Constitution of India upholds. Here at GNANA SARASWATHI EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITIES SOCIETY, learning makes you socially relevant, technically competent and professionally sound. The courses are comprehensive and multidimensional. The environment an ideal balance of work and play. The teacher-taught connect mutually inspiring.